Psychiatrist, Child & Adolescent

Carolina Biernacki, MD

Dr. Biernacki’s interest in psychiatry first stemmed from her desire to truly understand and connect with patients to help them attain broader well-being than simply being physically disease-free. This principle naturally extended into her psychiatry practice as she focuses on helping patients thrive in all areas of life. She guides patients in discovering their own definition of psychological well-being, establishing personalized goals, and finding ways to attain them. The process is a collaborative effort and takes a person’s unique struggles and strengths into account, which involves talk therapy, evidence-based wellness interventions as well as medication.

Dr. Biernacki’s breadth of experience includes working with disadvantaged populations, developing and running a child and adolescent community psychiatry department, spearheading interventions to integrate mental and physical healthcare, and consulting for IMG Models on their mental health awareness initiatives. She also participated in academic research, has extensive teaching experience, has lectured in both academic and non-academic settings, and has been published in the area of child and adolescent psychiatry.

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