Over 40 million adults in the U.S. live with an anxiety disorder, making life feel like a constant barrage of nervousness, shortness of breath, and fear. 

Daily stress can creep up on all of us, and sometimes we need to take a minute to reset. 

We designed our BioReboot program as a new tool for your mental and emotional health kit. Like going to the doctor a few times a year or taking a meditation class, this program gives you a chance to check in on yourself. 

A 1.5 hour session quickly melts away any extra stress you’ve been carrying on your back, giving you a chance to find your balance again.

Reboot Flow

Over the course of three consecutive treatments the BioReboot resets your nervous system, opens your mind to new perspectives, and helps synchronize your brain and your body.


Dual Sympathetic Blocks – A temporary anesthetic that resets the heightened fight-or-flight state. It is also known as Stellate Ganglion Blocks (SGB). 


Ketamine IV Therapy– A psychedelic journey that stimulates new neural-connections and opens your mind to new healing possibilities.


Slow Wave –  The Slow Wave chair uses benign vibrations to stimulate patterns of pressure waves that restore harmony between the brain and the body.

The Benefits of a Full ReBoot

Good things come in threes. The successive administration of all three treatments increases the potency of your relaxation.  Here’s how:

The Dual Sympathetic Block first resets your sympathetic nervous system, giving your body a chance to calm down and rest after experiencing prolonged stress in a heightened fight-or-flight state. 

With an agitated sympathetic nervous system no longer standing in your way, you can fully relax into a profound ketamine IV experience. Environment influences the ketamine journey, which means a calm, tranquil body can induce a more euphoric experience. 

Now with a relaxed mind and body, we turn to the Slow Wave chair. Tapping into resonance and biofeedback, the Slow Wave chair improves the body’s parasympathetic chain, which influences the body’s ability to relax.  

By the end of your BioReboot, both your mind and body will feel unburdened by stress.