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What Is Ketamine?

As a member of the psychedelic family, ketamine’s reputation has long preceded it. But a new era has arrived. Today, more patients are tapping into ketamine’s power as an antidote to depression and anxiety.

Ketamine impacts both the mind and the brain. While the experience of ketamine opens you up to new perspectives, the physiological effects stimulate new connections in your brain, which lead to long-term relief. 


Treatment Statistics

0 +%
of patients have reported a positive response after just one treatment.*
0 +%
of patients have reported lasting relief after completing a full round of treatments.*

*compared to 40% of patients reporting improvement after traditional antidepressant therapy

Why Choose Ketamine?


Rapid Alleviation – Ketamine can prompt neural change within two hours of a single-dose treatment. 


Breakthrough Perspectives – Ketamine can help you escape depressive and anxious thought patterns by tapping into your subconscious and introducing a new vantage point to view your life.


A Safe Journey – When administered in a clinical setting and under the guidance of licensed professionals, ketamine activates a safe and euphoric experience.

Patient Stories

How Can Ketamine Help?

Lifts persistent sadness and reverses loss of interest.

Soften obsessive thought patterns and repetitive behaviors.

Eases feelings of excessive worry and panic.

What Does Ketamine Feel Like?

No two journeys are the same. Your experience may prompt  dissociation from your thoughts and your ego. You may find yourself on a colorful, dream-like journey, or experiencing old memories from new perspectives. Many people feel as though they are washed in wave of peace and calm.

The Experience

Environments affect experiences. Our space features thoughtful and tranquil designs that promote mind and body relaxation.

Once you settle into our ketamine treatment room, our team will introduce simple intention-setting exercises and set you up with a curated playlist to enhance your journey.

Relax in a Serene setting

Your journey starts in our Welcome Lounge where you can take your time settling down and mentally preparing. Every detail in our space was intentionally designed to promote relaxation and healing.

Common Questions

Ketamine is safe when it is administered under the guidance of certified medical professionals. Your IV ketamine treatment will be administered at an even lower dose than what is used as an anesthetic in operating rooms.

Side effects from IV ketamine treatments are rare, but some patients do report feelings of dizziness, nausea, elevated heart rate, and increased blood pressure. Our clinical staff is on stand-by if you start to feel any side effects.

Ketamine is regulated by the FDA and legal for medical use in the United States when administered by licensed and credentialed medical providers.

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